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On the Small Steps blog you’re going to find useful productivity tips that will help you to do what you love. Because I’m a writer, I also blog about the writing process, particularly finding time to do your writing – so you’ll find a mix of writing and productivity on here. You can click on either ‘writing’ or ‘productivity’ in the menu at any time.

Breaking it down into small steps

I believe that you can take any task, goal, ambition, dream – whatever it is – and break it down into small manageable steps, until you get to something that you could do today. I believe that breaking your thing down into small steps will help you to take action rather than simply thinking ‘what if?’ or ‘if only I could’. Unlike some productivity gurus, I’m not going to ask you to pretend that you don’t have a life (a job, partner, kids, disability, caring responsibilities, or whatever it is for you) that sometimes gets in the way of the things you really want to do. In fact, why would anyone want to pretend that people don’t have busy, interesting, enjoyable, and sometimes frustrating, lives to lead? By the way, you can check out the books in the Small Steps series here.

Breaking stuff down into small steps has got three main advantages:

  1. You get to know whether you really want to write the book, start learning photography, take a fashion course, run the marathon, climb Kilimanjaro, start your own business or whatever it is. You get to look at the reality of what you’d have to do to get there.
  2. You find out about the gaps in your knowledge. What will you have to learn, find out, or research in order to do your thing? This might surprise you!
  3. The steps start to become manageable. They seem doable. The goal isn’t so daunting or elusive anymore.

Which of these statements best describes what brought you here?

“I want some general productivity tips so I can find time to do the stuff I love.” If you’d like some general productivity tips, check this out first.

“I’m a writer. I want to find more time to write.” OR: “I want to create a regular writing habit.” If you’re a writer, check this out first.

“I want to know more about the Small Steps books.” OR: “Isn’t it all written down in one place so I can get to grips with it?” Check this out first.

Let me know how you get on,


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