Too much advice about finding time to do the stuff you love to do is vague and wistful, but not really very helpful. Here’s something that helps: as long as you let go of the outcome, you can take any dream, ambition, idea, goal or task and break it down into small steps until you get something concrete you can do today. You can – repeatedly – include small steps in your everyday life so you end up doing the things you want and letting go of those you don’t. These books show you how.

The first Small Steps Guide

Outside my writing shed with the book I wrote in 2012

Outside my writing shed with the book I wrote in 2012

The original small steps guide is The Small Steps Guide to Goal Setting and Time Management. It was published by Emerald Press in Brighton in 2012. It tells you how to break down the thing you want to do into small steps.  Download the first chapter completely free to get an introduction to the small steps method. It should download as a PDF straight to your downloads folder. On this page you’ll get an introduction to the other Small Steps Guides. They all follow the same ethos: you can break down a process into small steps until you get to something concrete and specific you can do today.

Find Time to Write

Find Time to Write is for writers who want to establish a writing habit and can’t find the time to do it.

Find time to Write cover

How to Write a Novel

Next up there’s How to Write a Novel and Get It Published 

This book applies the small steps method to novel writing in a friendly, approachable way. It starts with the basics and then shows you how to plot and finishes with a whole heap of information and contacts for when you’re ready to send your book out into the world.

Here’s what people are saying about it:

“packed full of information that anyone wanting to write a book can use”

“Thank you for a wonderfully informative book, I learned so many things…”

“the bottom line is, if you want to be a writer, write.”

“a stellar crash-course for aspiring novelists”

“I will reference this book often! Highly recommended.”

How to Write a Novel and Get It Published accompanies my Udemy course Find Time to Write Your Novel.

How to Think Like a Writer

How to Think Like a Writer is aimed at Creative Writing undergraduate and postgraduate students and their tutors. (Although if you are a writer who is not on a course, the tools in this book will help you tremendously if you include them in your writing practice, especially if you are just starting out.) In this book I argue that you are a writer if you make a habit of writing. Full stop. The gets you to think about how YOU write, how YOU create, how YOU think, and gives you lots of practical activities to try out along the way. You’ll learn about the writers’ toolkit – a set of tools you can use again and again in your writing life.


How to Write

How to Write: How to Start, and What to Write If you Don’t Have Any Ideas is a book for beginners. It’s made up of a series of writing prompts that will form an introduction to Creative Writing if you work through them from beginning to end. It will also give you lots of ideas for teaching Creative Writing if that’s what you need.


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