Dare to dream: getting it all down on paper

Naming your dreams

Naming your dreams, ironically, stops them from being ‘dreams’ (cloud-like, out there in the ether, vague, unachievable) and turns them into goals. The next stage is to make sure you know what your goals are and what you would really love to be doing.

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You’ve worked on your roles and responsibilities – let’s change key for a moment. Now you’re going to look at your dreams.

Find a special notebook

Find a special notebook for this, so you can keep your dreams somewhere 1) you’ll remember 2) in a form you enjoy.

Pick a mind-wandering activity first

Prepare by going for a walk or gardening or swimming, or some other activity else that allows your mind to wander while you’re active. You’re aiming to give your mind some time to mull things over, so that when you answer the question ‘what are your dreams?’ you don’t get ‘fear of the blank page’ syndrome.

Get all your dreams down on paper

Now get all your dreams down on paper, in no particular order, simply write down what comes. This can be quite an emotional experience, so I suggest two things to help with that.

1) Have an end time, a definite time you’re going to stop or a (nice) thing to do – like meeting your mate in the pub.

2) Have someone to chat to afterwards – not especially about what you did – but so that you’ve got some support there if you need it.

Is there one small steps you can take today or tomorrow morning?

Look at what you’ve got written down. Is there something – really small, really specific – that you can do today or tomorrow morning, to move you a tiny bit closer to one of these dreams? The smaller the better. How can you fit it into your day?




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