How to Write: How to start, and what to write if you don’t have any ideas

How to Write by Louise Tondeur cover

You can learn a lot about writing through direct observation from life – you’re either like an impressionist painter trying to capture a fleeting moment (but in words instead of oil paint) or like a landscape artist who takes his or her work ‘en plein air’ to paint what’s in front of them. This book is based on those principles and is aimed at total beginners – although if you’re a more experienced writer in need of new writing prompts, it will come in handy.

Benefit from twenty-five years of teaching experience in one short book

I wrote and developed these prompts over twenty five years of teaching and writing. I’ve used them in Creative Writing and in Drama classes to help students get in touch with their creative side or to kick off longer pieces of writing.

What’s included

So that you cover all the bases, How to Write is divided into sections:

  • Loosen Up
  • Rhythm
  • Sense of Place
  • Word Pictures
  • Character
  • Dialogue

To make it easy to follow, each section is divided into six parts:

  • Short exercises
  • Storytelling
  • In your notebook
  • Explore
  • Extras
  • Design your own

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