Organise your tools

Welcome to tip number 9 in my series on finding time to do the stuff you really love! If you haven’t seen the other tips yet, here they are listed out for you. As I said in the previous post, tips 8, 9 and 10 go together. Last time round you organised your space. Now you’re going to organise your tools.


Organise your tools

So, tool number 9 is:

9. Organise your tools. By ‘tools’ I mean ‘tools of the trade’. In other words, anything you need to allow you to do the thing you really love to do. You’re the expert on your thing – or if you’re not yet an expert ask someone who is – so spend some time thinking about what you need and where it’s got to go. I’m talking physical stuff as well as software.

The basics of tool organisation

Schedule some time to do an audit of what you have, to find a place for everything, to make it safe, and to keep it as accessible as possible. Keep a list of what you think you’ll need to take things further. How do your tools fit into your space? Schedule time to organise your tools at the same time as organising your space. Use the categories that come up under tip number 10 to help you get a grip on what you need.

What tools do you really need?

This can be a big area for procrastination. It’s likely that you don’t need as many tools as you think you do, especially when you’re first starting out. Make a long list under the headings ‘essentials’, ‘important but not essential immediately’, ‘nice to have’, and ‘wildest dreams’. Add stuff you need / want to help you to organise your projects, too.

Ask yourself what’s really essential

Now look at the ‘essentials’ bit of your list – what do you already have? What can you borrow? What could you do instead / while you’re waiting for the thing you really need? Think small steps. For instance, you might think a new computer is essential – but could you get a second hand reconditioned one? Could you go to the library? Could you use a notebook while you’re saving up?

Try to find a way to do your thing

Try to find a way to do your thing – or prepare to do your thing – without it being expensive. For example, I want to do yoga each morning. All I really need to do is to come downstairs, get my mat down, and put on the DVD. I could even get the mat and DVD ready the night before.

Up next: Tip number 10.

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Happy organising! x Louise




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