Reflect and review

Welcome to part seven of how to find time to do the stuff you love: reflect and review. If you missed the first six tips, check them out here. You’ve had a go at timetabling, so you know what you’re typically going to have to fit into each day and you’re tracking your time, so you’re starting to get a sense of where the time is going to come from. You’ve come a long way so far and it’s easy to forget where you’ve been. So before I break into a Take That song, it’s time to apply the brakes and do a bit of pondering.


Reflect and review


So tip number 7 is reflect and review:

7. Reflect and review. To reflect means to stop and consider what’s going on with the thing we love to do right now. To review, in this context, means to go back over the other six steps and to decide whether the strategies we’ve put in place are working for us. This is especially important when you have to do some of these things bit by bit (like having time off or getting a better night’s sleep).

What’s the point of the pause?

I find it oh so easy to leave this step out. Certain parts of our society are so driven by success and workaholism that it’s easy to move on to the next step without examining whether you’re on the right path and without acknowledging your successes. Being grateful is known to improve our outlook on life, and that includes being grateful for yourself and the things you’re achieving. Pausing to reflect and review also helps you to reconnect with your ‘why’ and therefore should stop you from quitting.

How to do it

There are various ways to do this, from a wander on the beach, to an excel spreadsheet. Here’s what I suggest. Go through each tip fairly quickly and decide if there are any tweaks you could make to overcome the challenges or to get a better outcome, then write it down, and share it with your partner or best friend if relevant.

Next up: Tip number 8.

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Enjoy the pause. x Louise


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