Time to do the stuff you really love to do

Want to find the time to do stuff you really want to do? Here are my top ten tips, plus one bonus one, based on my own experience of finding time in amongst the childcare, full-time job, and the hecticness that comes from running a household. You can access the individual posts below.

Now available! I have created a FREE ebook containing all eleven posts for you to download and keep. You can grab your copy here:

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By the way, if you can grab half an hour today – in your lunch hour, instead of watching TV, in bed, on the bus – great. Spend it writing down what it is you want to do. The write down why. That’s it. Simply WRITE IT DOWN. Then come up with at least one reason why.

Here’s my series of blog posts on finding time to do the stuff you really love to do:

  1. Plan your time off.
  2. Invest in your sleep.
  3. Get some perspective time.
  4. Timetable.
  5. Automate.
  6. Work out where the time is going to come from.
  7. Reflect and review.
  8. Organise your space.
  9. Organise your tools.
  10. Capture and sort.
  11. Blitz it.

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