What about the roles and responsibilities that aren’t priorities right now?

A quick recap

You’ve planned some review time, and mulled things over. You’ve considered your roles and responsibilities (r and rs) and your ‘one things’. At this stage in the review process you’ll have a list of r and rs plus a list of important actions. But let’s put on the brakes for a second: what about the other r and rs? The ones that didn’t make the final cut?

Keep it all in one place

One reason I suggested a notebook is that if you keep everything in one place, you’ll know where to find it. That means if another of your r and rs becomes important during the year, you’ve got your notes, and you can go back to them.

But I’m feeling dubious about bumping some of these r and rs…

If that’s the case then they might be more important than you’ve given them credit for. Consider combining them with another role. ‘Family member’ could include looking after your pets, for example. ‘Learner’ could include work-based training and the online course you’re doing, plus the self-improvement books you plan to read.

If you still can’t decide which r and rs are most important, then make specific actions for all of those you’re hesitating about – then plan some small steps that you could do today. Once you’ve done these small steps, do you still feel the same way about the r and r?

Remember we’re not banishing a r and r from your life (unless it’s made it to the ‘not nice and unimportant’ list – see below). We’re simply choosing which roles you’re going to focus on.

So what do I do with the roles and responsibilities that aren’t priorities right now?

Everything else goes in the ‘nice but less important list’. (As it’s Christmas time, you can call this the ‘naughty list’ if you want to, or even your ‘naughty but nice’ list.) If you’re finding that you don’t have time to do the stuff you really want to do, and you’re feeling up to it, then you go through your naughty list and plan to completely remove the roles and responsibilities that aren’t serving you anymore. Otherwise, you can simply disregard the naughty list for the rest of your review time.

Not nice but important

You might find a ‘not nice but important’ role, especially if you’ve factored a difficult but rewarding job into the equation – in which case you get to decide if it’s one of the top ones. If you find anything that’s both not nice and unimportant, take steps to remove it from your life.

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